This service is very necessary for those people who are really in a big hurry, or just tired after a long journey and want to be alone.

Immediately after your landing you will be met by your new assistant.

He will take you to the terminal for VIPs so that you can stay there in a truly relaxed atmosphere, and go through all formalities without queues and delays, which is the most important thing.

During this time, your assistant will get your luggage and bring it to the place you want.

We also offer you to rent top class vehicles for your comfortable airport transfer.

You can choose luxurious limousines, minivans, SUVs or buses and forget about all possible difficulties connected with the search of a local taxi.

You can get the same services, when you going to departure.

Your assistant will come to you again. He will put your luggage into the car and bring you to the special VIP room for passing the formalities.

Also, you will be offered to wait for your flight in a private room where you can get refreshments, newspapers, the Internet and TV.

You can relax and unwind during the time while waiting for your flight. BlackLimousines Milan will make your trip easy and enjoyable.

You will never have to worry - just trust the professionals!